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A nice pedestal for my plants

A nice pedestal for my plants

The trend is for the indoor garden. Greenery, oxygen and, of course, decor invite each other into connecting threads in our interiors. And so here is the pedestal, which had gradually disappeared from our homes, which finds a special place alongside terrariums, plant pots and designer vases. Focus on ten pretty pedestals that will create a green and design atmosphere in your living room.

Satsumas: the all-white and wood range

Ikea As usual, Ikea offers a nice range with a Nordic design, simple and functional, which will allow you to create a real indoor garden. We particularly like the pedestal which allows to put three plants while bringing a white and wood look to a living room.

A staircase pedestal

Ikea Still at Ikea, this staircase pedestal is ideal for a small apartment. Compact, it still accommodates three plants. We love its white metal look with industrial tones. A beautiful demonstration of design in all simplicity.

An ultra geometric plant holder

Ferm Living For lovers of geometric design and gardening, opt for the feet and planters offered by Ferm Living. For a vegetal look, we combine models of different heights and colors, particularly elegant.

Black and graphic

Crate & Barrel Minimalist spirit for pedestals with integrated planters by Crate & Barrel. We like here the tripod base which gives them a drawn and structured look. Just like the bronze finish which gives the metal a subtle aged appearance.

High perched

Seletti Seletti offers a very original pedestal, belonging to the Turn Collection range. High, thin and slender on its tripod, it will perch our plants with great style. Natural beech blends with white porcelain to add that extra touch to the room.

A sleek and modular pedestal

Mut design Big crush for this creation from the Mut design studio which invents modular pedestals. The pots fit into the structure for a sleek and poetic look. The colors of the feet are combined for an assured decorative effect.

The pedestal as a screen

Maisons du Monde The pedestal is also invented in a folding screen, as here with a Maisons du Monde model. With its country house spirit, it displays wrought iron as the material of choice for a garden spirit of yesteryear inside.

Wireline: a trend also for plants

KKDW Wired metal invites itself into the bedroom with the hanging lamps, in the kitchen in the form of shelves and ... in the living room to serve as display furniture for our green plants! We love this very drawn model which revisits the design of the 50s to create an ultra-contemporary plant holder.

One leg, 5 trays

Amadeus This zinc effect pedestal will showcase five plants in a minimum of space thanks to its staggered trays. We like the raw iron effect which is softened by the roundness of the shelves. Finally, the tap at the end of the foot serves as a humorous nod to the past.