A cocooning break in a cozy chalet in the Alps

A cocooning break in a cozy chalet in the Alps

Located in the middle of immense conifers, almost as old as the resort that hosts it, Courchevel, this mountain residence of 400 m2 imposes its style: between traditional atmosphere and touches of modernity, expertly distilled. After a few steps in the thick snow coat that surrounds it, let us push the door…

A living room between wood and contemporary style

LeCollectionist First place of life: the living room. Tastefully furnished in a room dressed in wood, from floor to ceiling, and dotted with large bay windows, this space invites you to relax in an atmosphere made of modern rooms: large sofas and armchairs with slender curves, designer lighting and works of art. art.

A cozy dining room

LeCollectionist From the living room, take the time to admire the fire burning in a large central fireplace, a decorative link between this living space and the next: a magnificent dining room with a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

A modern and friendly kitchen

LeCollectionist Open to the dining room, the kitchen of this exceptional residence is as functional as it is friendly. With stainless steel elements, a beautiful taupe color and plenty of storage space, it allows you to clean up, with care and refinement.

A cozy room under the eaves

LeCollectionist Favorite for this master bedroom with bathroom that perfectly combines traditional wood charm, designer furnishings and refined decoration.

A bathroom conducive to well-being

LeCollectionist In this dream bathroom, make room for a winning combination: wood and mosaics. Impressive, the shower area entirely dedicated to the well-being of its inhabitants, invites you to relax after a day on the slopes.

A comfortable children's bedroom

LeCollectionist If the grown-ups have carefully furnished and decorated night spaces, the little ones are not left out. The proof with this children's room made up of soft twin beds and dim lighting. What guarantee them sweet nights in the mountains.

A room with authentic charm

LeCollectionist Another room in the chalet, and always the same warm atmosphere, the same atmosphere of refuge, imbued with a certain sweetness of life.

A dream pool for lounging

LeCollectionist In the basement of the chalet, there is a space dedicated to relaxation, and nothing but relaxation, with this dream pool furnished in a room dressed in stones, as a tribute to the old Courchevel homes.

A surprise hammam for the whole family

LeCollectionist Clou de la visite: a hammam adorned with delicately iridescent mosaics. Able to accommodate the whole family, without worry, this place will delight young and old.