We imagined the house of Santa Claus!

We imagined the house of Santa Claus!

Who has never wondered what Santa's house looks like? Most of us imagine the old man in Lapland, in the snow, surrounded by his faithful reindeer and elves! But on the decor side, it's hard to know exactly what it's all about. Giant fireplace, cozy living room and super friendly dining room, here is Santa Claus' house as you imagine it to be!

There is a very designer industrial loft-style workshop

Tikamoon To prepare for Christmas every year, Santa Claus and the elves work hard in their workshop adjoining the house. A place that must be as functional as it is stylish to ensure efficiency and a good working atmosphere! We can perfectly imagine a very design workshop, like an industrial loft with furniture in aged metal and weathered wood.

There's a kitchen where you make millions of Christmas cookies

Pixabay Working is good, but you have to think about eating out! Christmas is a time of sharing and conviviality, ideal for making family cookies. To help those who don't have time to bake themselves, a team of elves, helped by gourmet volunteers, makes millions of cookies in Santa's kitchen. The cookie cutters spin and the oven heats up tirelessly!

There is a cozy bedroom so that Santa Claus doesn't get cold

Pierre Dominique Brunet for Angel des Montagnes Father Christmas brilliantly accomplishes its mission every year. Do you have an idea of ​​the secret of its Olympic form despite its great age? We bet on an ultra cozy bed! To make his bedroom a little cocoon in the heart of winter, he has surely thought of everything: plaids, faux fur carpet, very thick mattress and multitude of pillows.

There is a huge table to accommodate elves and visitors

Maisons du Monde In Santa Claus' house, it is Christmas all the time. The decor of the dining room is always worthy of the most joyous festive tables, with in particular a huge table that can accommodate the elves, his faithful companions, and all those who cherish the magic of Christmas.

There is a comfortable desk to answer letters from all children

Tikamoon Most of Santa Claus days are filled by the processing of his mail. We all know that he takes care of responding personally to the thousands of letters sent to him by children around the world, and it takes time! To do well, it necessarily needs a cozy desk, with a comfortable armchair, storage space and a small blanket when the weather is cool.

There is a room with toys everywhere…

Flexa But always tidy to set an example for children! Several times a year, groups of children are lucky enough to be able to come and visit Santa Claus and discover his house. To please them, our little finger tells us that they have provided a special room for playing and having fun! We are sure that the decor of the games room changes regularly to please the children: jungle safari, polar atmosphere or pirate hut!

There is a rocking chair in the living room to take a nap

Westwing Santa Claus reminds us of our adored grandpa with his long white beard. Despite his good nights sleep, you can imagine that he takes a well-deserved nap every day. We can easily imagine her in her rocking chair in the middle of the living room, to enjoy the fire! A comfortable seat, ideal for being rocked by gentle rocking.

There is the most beautiful fir tree that sits in the center of the house

Maisons du Monde / Westwing No Christmas without a Christmas tree! Faithful to the famous song, Santa Claus and his teams decorate the most beautiful fir tree every year. Scandinavian style with white balls and wooden suspensions, or rather classic and warm atmosphere with red in major and touches of gold: each year its inspiration! Santa Claus is on the page.

There is a garden decorated with a thousand and one illuminations

La Foir'Fouille In the far north where he lives, Santa Claus enjoys the magnificent expanses of snow in his garden. An outdoor space that we imagine magical with all its lights to amaze visitors as soon as they arrive. Garlands around the trees, bright animals or candles in front of the entrance, here we are!