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I make my menu and my Christmas place cards

I make my menu and my Christmas place cards

Christmas requires imagination for everything: decorating your tree, making gifts and above all making a festive table worthy of the name. To help you in this mission, we have done some tracking. Natural, authentic or gourmet place cards, menus inspired by traditional objects, current decor trends or recycled ... discover our 20 ideas for a beautiful Christmas table. Because creating your own menu card and placeholders for the Christmas table, not only does it make you proud to make it yourself, but it's also the best way to respect the theme of your Christmas table without explode the budget ...

An eco-chic and trendy table decoration

Spoon fork bacon

What if, for the holiday season, we returned to a more authentic style that would bring us closer to nature? With this place card made from pine twigs, it is possible. A homecoming which is very timely! Sources: Spoon Fork Bacon

A pin needle place card

Martha Stewart

Large and majestic, the pines populate the landscapes of our mountains in this winter season. Take advantage of this opportunity by picking up a large quantity of pine twigs to create an original place card. Poke a few twigs in pretty white paper, and voila! A 100% natural table decoration, in harmony with the end of year celebrations. Sources: Martha Stewart

A place holder more real than life!

Camille Styles

Colorful pine cones diverted to original place cards, what a great idea! A DIY very easy to do for a mini-budget. Source: Camille Styles

The recovered idea

Furniture Trendzona

Pinecones and classic place cards intertwine to bring a rustic and cheerful side to your festive table. A homecoming, perfect in this often stressful holiday season! Sources: Furniture Trendzona

A rustic gold leaf


Sometimes it doesn't take much for the holidays to be tinged with wonder. A beautiful leaf collected in the forest is enough to constitute a charming place card with a very natural style for the holiday season. Sources: Michaels

My Christmas bestiary

Westelm / Cumby's interiors

This season, the deer are making a splash in the world of decoration. In the shape of a small glitter figurine or printed on a pretty immaculate paper, they bend to every whim for parties full of fantasy. Sources: Westelm & Elizabeth Anne Designs

A decor full of gluttony

Fun holiday crafts

Treats and other cookies are popular in the Christmas decor. The proof, we can no longer count the barley sugars, cakes and other gingerbread that come in Christmas decoration, as here with this pretty very gourmet place card! Sources: Real House Design

An enchanted tree

Pottery barn

For an original and offbeat Christmas, swap your thorn tree for a plastic model that you will place on your holiday table as a place card. A decorative idea that will bring fantasy and magic to your table. Sources: Pottery Barn

Christmas balls as place cards

Cox and cox

When they are not on our thorn tree, the Christmas balls are invited on the festive decorations and come, as here, to dress a sober and impersonal place card. Sources: Cox and Cox

Tight budget place cards

By dawn Nicole

No need to spend fortunes to create an original and magical holiday decor. With a very small budget and a bit of imagination, you can make place cards worthy of the most beautiful holiday table, as here with this kraft tablecloth. Mini price, maximum effect! Sources: By dawn nicole

Place Marker Christmas Ball

Good exposes

A white ball, a black felt pen and voila! Sources: Good exhibit

A very decorative menu

Simple pleasures - A Thoughtful place

To sublimate your end of year table decoration, nothing like little treasures placed here and there on the tablecloth. Once the cover is put, the glasses arranged in ascending order, the towels folded, all you have to do is write the menu on your tablecloth or opt for this festive menu surrounded by a beautiful golden frame. Sources: Simple pleasures & A Thoughtful place

An original table menu

Simply sweet evenings

The presentation of the menu on the festive table can sometimes prove to be a real headache. How to be original and decorative at the same time? It's done with this menu, the simplest in the world, on the Christmas table. Full of fantasy, original and very simple, it will appeal to young and old! Sources: Simply sweet evenings


Your beautiful days / Cococerise

Color decoration is making a comeback: vintage 70s and 80s, poetry and style. We find this trend on our festive tables with a pale pink menu that brings us the note of sweetness and innocence that we need in this end of year period. And, for more fantasy, we put on a surprise menu to scratch. Sources: Your beautiful days & Cococerise

Cardboard boxes at Christmas

Cococerise / Weddingdeco

Colorful, golden, chiseled, reinforced or corrugated ... the cardboard can be folded to your liking for an original and imaginative holiday season. Fairy fingers, a touch of imagination and this material will transform into a thousand treasures like here with these rectangular menus and these table decorations in the shape of a fir tree. Sources: Cococerise & Weddingdeco

An ultra-practical menu!

Mendez Manor

To prevent your holiday table from being too quickly cluttered, consider installing your menu on your plate. When the festivities begin, you just have to slide it under your plate. Otherwise you can simply write your menu on your porcelain using an erasable marker. Sources: Mendez Manor


Weddbook / Breedens on the road

Would you like a menu as a cutlery holder? Choose one of these two two-in-one models that will allow you to start the festivities in the most beautiful way possible. Sources: Weddbook & Breedens on the road

Traditional table decor

Botanical PaperWorks

What would a successful Christmas party be without items of tradition. Red color, star print, pine branches and holly ... this lovely menu with Christmas symbols and codes has nothing to envy to the most beautiful holiday menus! Sources: Botanical PaperWorks

A menu to print

Unique fish and grill / Etsy

Lack of time or lack of budget, you can finally opt for a menu to print. Many models exist on the canvas, which will meet all your desires. Sources: Must have menus & Etsy