10 original storage for the house

10 original storage for the house

In the house, we often need a few tips to help us tidy up and control our space. Also, designers and manufacturers now offer original accessories for smart storage.

Stools for storage

Mahatsara ### To be clever today, accessories must be able to combine several functions. This stool then turns into a side table by turning the cushion over but is also a full-fledged storage chest.

A desk lamp but not only

Designheure ### To make it very practical, this desk lamp has storage space as a support. You can then store your mail or business cards to have them on hand without taking up additional space with another storage.

Drawers to add under the bed

La Redoute ### To store under the bed in a way that is both aesthetic and practical, we put these drawers that will slide under the bed. And for easy access, the handle will help you slide them.

Coat hooks to be modulated

FR 66 ### To meet all your storage needs, you can opt for multiple coat hooks to which are added storage modules. You will be able to adapt the storage to your needs.

A shelf mirror

Lapeyre ### Rather than choosing a simple mirror, go for a model that incorporates shelves on the side. You can store your beauty products and toothbrushes there.

Pocket wallpaper

Tracy Kendall ### The walls are now fun and practical! Indeed, this original wallpaper has small pockets where you can slip some papers or small handkerchiefs in order to use a surface that is usually unused.

A wardrobe in the wardrobe

Ikea ### To add storage space to your wardrobe, you will find flexible elements to hang. You will be able to obtain additional shelves instead of the traditional wardrobe.

Toilet paper hanging from the ceiling

Lif ### To store your rolls of toilet paper, you can opt for an unusual storage which allows you to hang the rolls on a wire fixed to the ceiling. The rollers then create a real totem.

A bookcase headboard

Fly ### Finally, to make your headboard as useful as it is decorative, prefer a model that has shelves or simply a small library space. You will save space in terms of storage.