Caroline Lisfranc and her colorful creations

Caroline Lisfranc and her colorful creations

** Caroline Lisfranc is a young designer who defines herself as a seller of happiness. Her collections are made up of everyday things such as pencil cases, diaries or bracelets. Each creation is colorful and has a message such as "Life is beautiful", "Thank you very much" or simply "I love you". Enter the wonderful world of Caroline Lisfranc through ten of her creations. **

The revisited jewel

Caroline Lisfranc Colorful and all carrying a message, Caroline Lisfranc bracelets can be worn alone or with others.

A touch of gaiety at the office

Caroline Lisfranc Nothing like a Caroline Lisfranc trash can to bring good humor to your workplace.

Happiness at all times

Caroline Lisfranc The Caroline Lisfranc clock offers you a funny and creative activity every hour of the day.

Caroline's friends

Caroline Lisfranc Les Copines is the name Caroline gave to one of her most beautiful creations: a set of Russian dolls as trendy as they are funny.

Mirror, my beautiful mirror

Caroline Lisfranc To get a little makeover at any time of the day, Caroline Lisfranc's small pocket mirror is there.

Tea or coffee

Caroline Lisfranc At the office or in the metro, you will always have a hot coffee or tea thanks to Caroline Lisfranc's thermos mug.

Small savings

Caroline Lisfranc A portfolio that claims to be in crisis, here is a pretty creation by Caroline Lisfranc. Will it save you money?

The bag of my vacation

Caroline Lisfranc Colorful and with a great capacity, the Bag of my holidays accompanies you everywhere you go. What are you going to put in it?

Lunch break!

Caroline Lisfranc To take your lunch to the office with complete peace of mind, opt for a Lunch Break insulated bag.