Outdoor garlands embellish the garden

Outdoor garlands embellish the garden

Look forward to the shortening days. They are a good opportunity to stage your garden, balcony or window sills at sunset. And with the light garlands, it's very simple! The proof right away by 10…

Brighten up your window sills

From the Maison Jardinières, balustrades are also adorned with light garlands. Preferably solar to have your windows closed, they open the space and they accompany the eye outwards.

Give relief to tree branches

Nature and Discovery Disappearing in the darkness of the night, the trees find a second visual interest by dressing in a garland of light. Clinging to the branches, it brings volume.

Light up an architectural element of the garden

From the House of Staircase, low wall… stand out under the lighting of the garlands. No need for complicated electrical installation, a simple solar garland is enough! To do this, run it around the railing and wait until nightfall!

Welcome in light

From the House Put a little cheerfulness by hanging a light garland on your awning or porch. Preferably colored, it will beautifully highlight the entrance to your home.

A garland to bloom your garden at night

Spoiler Your garden is devoid of trees, offer it a luminous tree to stage it!

Create shapes in the garden with a light garland to plant

Ikea Have fun with light garlands by creating shapes that you plant in the grass. A good way to brighten up your outdoor space all year round.

Decorate the balcony with a garland of light

Ikea Create a cozy nest after dark to enjoy your balcony in all seasons. By the light of a light garland and well wrapped in a plaid, you will be ready to savor, comfortably installed on your balcony, its magical moments of tranquility.

Wrap around a tree trunk

Ikea Bring out the attributes of nature by running a garland around a tree trunk. Simple and super decorative, they exist in several models.

Showcase an unusual element of the garden

Ikea Hijack a Christmas garland to stage an unusual element of the garden. It will be the little theater of your decoration.