10 monstrous Halloween cupcakes

10 monstrous Halloween cupcakes

October 31 is fast approaching. And to celebrate this event properly, get your hands dirty! On, we give you ten ideas for cupcakes with a very scary look. So for all your guests to have goosebumps, take an example from these monstrous cakes spotted on Pinterest!

Out of their tomb

A Pumpkin and a Princess Very easy to make, these cupackes, mummy spirit, are adorned with candy bands and eyes that you find in the trade. With a simple recipe and the right decorative accessories, your cakes will always be successful! Source: A pumpkin and a princess

Furiously bushy

Bakingdom A little color! Create cupcakes with purple, green or orange fur. You can add claws in sugar or almond paste to accentuate the wild effect but without being too disgusting. Phew, it remains appetizing! Source: Bakingdom

Without their chain

Everyday Southwest These ghosts dropped their balls to be devoured. On a cupcake, all that is most classic, a white cream comes to bring a touch of fantasy. Place eyes and a mouth in chocolate and voila! Source: Everyday southwest

Cute but no less threatening

Lil 'Luna They too are covered with hair! With a pastry bag, you create all kinds of decor for your cupcakes. Pastry cream of all colors, made of filaments, in an open or closed star, let your imagination run wild! Source: Lil'Luna

Crime or accident?

Martha Stewart This broken glass is actually a caramel. To keep this aspect transparent, you must prepare it as quickly as possible. This recipe can be complex, but not at all, once you have the knack! Add a red fruit coulis at the top for a rather intriguing bloody effect. Source: Martha Stewart

Income from beyond the grave

Zombie Wagon Far from being out of the cemetery, but rather out of the oven, this chocolate cupcake appropriates zombie codes. A pastry cream tinged with green, sprinkled with cookie crumbs to reinterpret loose soil has nothing but to welcome this fake plastic hand and a cardboard tombstone! Source: Zombie Wagon


Sinister Sweet Shop Inspired by the wicked Sleeping Beauty witch, this evil cupcake is as scary as it is delicious! With its dark chocolate base and blackberry frosting, you will really enjoy it! Source: Sinister Sweet Shop

Never arachnophobic

Wee Eats All in chocolate, this spider is just waiting for one thing, to be eaten raw! Decorated with vermicelli, cocoa legs, and sweet little eyes, you want to bite it. Source: Wee eats


Whispersiren With this huge gelled eye on your cupcake, you get a terribly disturbing cake. Blood red coulis, the globe comes out of its orbit as if to invite you to swallow it ... So, are you tempted?