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Tote bags for food lovers

Tote bags for food lovers

On the Food planet, the tote bag (fabric bag with two handles) serves as a message T-shirt. Anyone who has kindly replaced the (very mean) plastic bag allows any self-respecting foodista to go shopping at the market while campaigning for their culinary convictions. Because the tote bag is simple, practical and inexpensive, many of us have fallen into its nets. Here is an overview of the prettiest tote bags for foodista which, if they are not all available for sale, can just as easily inspire for DIY.

Completely green

West Elm Market Vegan or in the process of being it, you are looking for the perfect food. The tote bag that makes kale rock shows that green is a fashionable color.

Two philosophies

DR Do you have a food obsession? Do not hide it anymore, there is bound to be someone in this world who shares the same fervor for this food, be it tofu or cake.

Everyday bad faith

Society6 "No, no, I didn't use it!" Admit that with food, we are all more or less in bad faith but when we add a pinch of humor the thing goes much better.

To do a good deed

MOFAD MOFAD (museum of food and drink) is a New York association that promotes food as a social and cultural element. The purchase of his tote bag is equivalent to a donation: charity chic!

Pineapple, the motif of summer

Petite Mila For those who missed it, pineapple is the motif of summer. Logically, he therefore has his dedicated tote bag, the bag of fashionistas who prefer patterned food.

State the world

Plate and Pencils Like the Instagram account Eat the world which makes us salivate in front of all the delights of this world, the Dumplings Around the World tote bag reminds us that culinary journeys are limitless.


Do you swear by originality? In this case, you bring the tote bag from a cafeteria to the other side of the world, emphasizing the absolute necessity of having at least once in your life had a coffee at the Cape Town Superette.

Chef the recipe!

Nachos NY For those who do not dare to improvise in the kitchen, just read the guacamole recipe on their bag (also works for the shopping list).

I am funny

Red Bubble As with message t-shirts, humor on tote bags is a difficult exercise. In order not to fall into bad taste, we bet on innocence kawaii with these endearing olives.